International Partners

BlueCo® Brands products are shipped to over 45 countries around the world and distributed through our family of international partners.

United Kingdom – Renscene

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Germany – King Research International

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Barbicide products are available at over 125 distributors in Germany, including:

Basler Haar- Kosmetik GmbH – Bietigheim – Bissingen Visit the Website >
Barber Concepts – Düsseldorf
Visit the Website >
101 Barbers – Winterbach
Visit the Website >
BMO Friseurbedarf – Ösnabruck Visit the Website >
CMC Group (26 distributors) Visit the Website >
Euro Friwa  Group (45 distributors) Visit the Website >
Friseurbedarf Schulze – Dollnstein Visit the Website >
Gerle & Schwab – Augsburg Visit the Website >
Gebruder Klose – Kassel Visit the Website >
Gieseke – Wedemark  Visit the Website >
Hagel Shop – Hamburg Visit the Website >
Hair Haus – Viersen Visit the Website >
Hair & Beauty Bender Visit the Website >
Hair & Beauty Radomski Visit the Website >
Jebe Friseurbedarf – Hamburg Visit the Website >
Klier Hair Group – Wolfsburg Visit the Website >
Munich Hair Academy – Munich Visit the Website >
Topwell- Bietigheim – Bissingen Visit the Website >
Pomade Shop – Munich Visit the Website >
Valentin Löhmer – Würzburg Visit the Website >

Luxeal – Tirane Visit the Website >
Rubec Products- Turnhout Visit the Website>
Hairground- Zagreb Visit the Website>
Alex and Leon Ltd – Larnaca Visit the Website>
Beauty Partners – Hvidovre Visit the Website >
M Store Oy – Tampere Visit the Website>
BCB – Bussiness Coiffure Beauté -SAINT-ASTIER Visit the website>
  Boy Diffusion – Toulouse Visit the website>
  Beaute Pro – Marignier Visit the website>
  CAC – Moulins Les Metz Visit the website>
  Caprice Sélection – Migne Auxances Visit the Website>
  Color Beauté – Chasseneuil du Poitou Visit the website>
  Coopere – SAINT-ASTIER Visit the website>
  Coiffidis – ROUEN Visit the website>
  Delorme – Fonteny Sous Bois Visit the website>
  Distri Coiff – SAINT-BERTHEVIN Visit the website>
  Destockcoiff – Vaulx-en-Velin Visit the website>
  Di Visco Group – Saint Genis Laval Visit the website>
  Hairland France – Clermont Ferrand Visit the website>
  Holdex – Pro Shopping – Orgères Visit the website>
  Jbar – Douai Visit the website>
  La Barbiere de Paris – Paris Visit the website>
  O’Barbershop – Saint Germaine En Laye Visit the website>
  Probeautic Institut- PBI – Signes Visit the website>
  Robert Sarl – La Chapelle Saint Luc Visit the website>
  Royale Coiffure – Nancy Visit the website>
  SDP – Reims Visit the website>
  TPLC Victor Le Dépot – Aubagne Visit the website>
  Xpert Beaute´ Shop – Beziers Visit the website>
Nipavo wellness Products -Athens Visit the Website >
Professional Brands International – Athens Visit the Website >
Kosmosman- Thessaloniki Visit the Website >
Jessy 2000 Kft.– Budapest Visit the Website >
Ison Visit the Website >
Giovanni Morocutti – Brescia Visit the Website >
Galleria Baltika
Visit the Website>
Polo Cosmeitcs – Almelo Visit the Website >
Abas AS Kosmetik Engros – Bergen Visit the website>
DJR Polska – Przemysl Visit the Website >
Tecnofia – Porto/ Maia Visit the Website >
SC Shambala SRL-Bistrita Visit the Website >
Slovack Republic
Dukat International- Kosice Visit the website>
  Hero Barber – Bratislava Visit the website>
Klevi- Kranj Visit the website>
  Lukom – Slovenske Konjice Visit the website>
Tello Hair and Beauty – Sevilla Visit the website>
Barber Supplier Nordic – Bromma Visit the Website>
  Gocciani AB- Stora Hoga Visit the website>
  KN Nail Products- Solna Visit the website>
  Parma – Bandhagen Visit the website>
  Lash Perfect Svering- Motala Visit the website>
Dobi International AG- Suhr Visit the Website >
Planeta krasy Solinger Visit the Website >
Solinger-Kharkov Visit the Website >