Sales Toolkit

Welcome to the Sales Toolkit

This area is designed to house all our latest and greatest sales tools. In this area you will find brochures and sales sheets that may be downloaded, as well as educational pieces that may be of use for some client accounts! Please let us know via “contact us” if you are in need of printed, heavy stock brochures.

News Releases
BlueCo Brands Donates to Fort Hood
BlueCo Brands Sales Brochure
Ask Leslie:
Keeping it Clean in the Salon – An expert answers your sanitation questions 
Keep it Clean:
Preparation for infection control
When and Where to use BlueCo Brands Products  download-file
Barbicide® Be Blue:Be in compliance

Barbicide® Spacide Complete:

The economical and effective solution for  pedicure spa disinfection!

BlueCo Brands
Credit Application
Refund and Return Policy download-file
Shipping Policy download-file
Lucky Tiger:
Barbershop Classic Sales Brochure . download-file
Lucky Tiger Premium Sales Brochure download-file
Lucky Tiger Four Step Shave download-file
Lucky Tiger Moustache Wax download-file
Lucky Tiger Premium Sales Sheet download-file
Get Lucky Shave Experience Postcard  download-file
Barbicide® and Lucky Tiger Combined Ad download-file
 Lucky Tiger MAP Policy
Triple Lanolin:
Triple Lanolin Sales Sheet download-file
Triple Lanolin Ad download-file
Features and Benefits of Lanolin Sheet  download-file
Triple Lanolin Ad (2016)
Ship Shape:
Ship-Shape® Ad download-file
Ship-Shape® Detergent Ad: download-file
Ship-Shape® Bleach Tabs Sales Sheet download-file
Dy-Zoff Ad download-file